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Kindly submit between 20 to 40 photographs of your property, taken horizontally, via email in JPG format. The photographs should include images of the front and back exterior, as well as the larger main rooms of the house, such as the living room, kitchen, den, master bedroom, etc. Please submit using a ZIP file, or upload the photographs to platforms such as, Dropbox, or Google Drive.

If you do not currently possess professional photographs and would like to engage our photographer's services, there will be a one-time listing fee of $175 payable to the photographer during the appointment. This fee covers the photographer's travel, equipment, editing, and website uploads. If you have professional photographs of your property, there is no listing fee.

Once our photographer has completed editing the photographs, we will provide you with a link to access all the high-resolution photographs.

We work with property owners on a non-exclusive basis, where we negotiate deals, draft contracts, include insurance, handle payments and security deposits, and provide site management during rentals.

Please submit the photographs and any inquiries to the following email addresses:

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